I read this and thought about how on point it was for me!  Everything starts with you, and me - us.   March 17, 2019 Adjustments by Chuck Swindoll James 1 Ever made a mental list of things that irritate you? Here are a few I've got on mine: traffic jams, long lines, misplaced keys,... Continue Reading →

Looking Down, or Up?

Sometimes we grow, change, then look down on those who are still where we once were. I've witnessed it more times than I care to mention. Lord, help us to truly treat other people as we would appreciate being treated. Looking up to the Lord for wisdom to correct in love. Hopefully, in the same... Continue Reading →

God Has a Way…

Sometimes, I shake my head at how folks can be; How fleeting common sense has become.  How some things are done without any thought about the feelings of others. This I know, that inconsiderate ways abruptly come to an end when you are on the receiving end of someone’s lack of common sense.  All of... Continue Reading →

When You Disappoint Yourself :(

Sitting at the dining room table with pen, pad, iPad, coffee, and fresh thoughts, I set a goal.  I had 3 months to accomplish this goal.  I was so excited about the process.  This was different for me because normally the process is the part that is burdensome.  Not this time.  The whole process of... Continue Reading →

This, Too, is His Provision

I think everyone needs a Slump Snatcher, a Crash Catcher, a Drift Dissolver, if you will.  It’s that person, or people that God sends into  your life who serve as beacons of hope for another day. It’s those people in our lives, who by their very presence, make you feel that you can go another... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

I'm so glad that God is able to do way more than one thing at a time on my behalf. Sometimes I look at my circumstances and see all these little areas that need fixing. I get to feeling overwhelmed. Then, I read a verse like this and remember that God is the Ultimate Multi-Tasker. ... Continue Reading →

It’s All About that Balance

There is something to be said about balance in life. I could use more of it in my life. I'm realizing more and more that balance only comes - FOR ME - when I'm focused on the right Person.  Imagine if a gymnast, while walking on a balance beam, kept looking to her left and... Continue Reading →

One of Those Days…

He [Jesus] is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. — Colossians 1:17 So, if I'm not in Him, how can I expect all things to hold together? Folks have said that trusting Jesus is a crutch. So happy to have a crutch that CANNOT fail, break, malfunction, go out of style, be... Continue Reading →

I’m Rooting for You!

I really think we should aim, strive, and desire to be better than ONLY OURSELVES - THAN WHAT WE WERE YESTERDAY - NOT BETTER THAN OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS.  Not finding ways to prove you can do everything they do better!  I'm sad when I see this played out. I don't think we should be trying... Continue Reading →

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