Thoughts from the Road – Uno

There is something about my thought process while on the road that is completely different than when I am home. I am in sunny California on business and for some reason I am thinking about my long range goals. It’s a good thing. My thoughts are coming in pretty clear and I am able to understand what my next step is and how I can present these ideas to my husband. So, that’s good.

But, I wonder why it took flying across the country to be able to see clearly. Is it because I removed myself from the midst and can see from the outside what needs to be addressed on the inside? That makes sense. All I know is I’m so glad.

There are things I have been avoiding. There are matters I need to address. There is some order that needs to be reestablished. Wow! To think that it began on a Jetblue flight from JFK to Long Beach. It was not my intent to make this such a cathartic trip. My plan was to get this training done in order to enhance my career. But God had other plans!

It’s been said that time kind of stands still while you’re on the road. That may be true for us, but not for God. So, now that my thoughts are clear, I am going to pray that God would bring to fruition those things that are His will for my family.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8

I am grateful for His order of my steps!!! 


2 Replies to “Thoughts from the Road – Uno”

  1. Hey Rita, I feel the same way about the road. I guess your perspective changes when you’re not around all your normal distractions at home, i.e., chores, entertainment, etc.
    Thank God for those moments of clarity, however they come to us. Right?
    Great post.

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