His Word and Me

I love Pinterest.  I mean, I really enjoy getting on that app and saving all the pictures of projects I long to complete one day.  I save recipes, funny quotes, bible verses, clothing ideas – you name it, I have a folder for it.  It’s such a cool resource. When it’s time to do a home project or get an idea about what to wear for a specific event, I must say, I do consult Pinterest. 

However, today, I was thinking about how happy I am to have the Bible – the ultimate Resource for the needs of my soul.  This verse, in particular, is resonating with me today because it talks about the POWER of the words found in the bible.  I love the imagery because I am a visual learner and this description helps me understand just how well God knows and cares for me.  Hebrews 4:12 (TLB), says…

 12 For whatever God says to us is full of living power: it is sharper than the sharpest dagger, cutting swift and deep into our innermost thoughts and desires with all their parts, exposing us for what we really are.

I love this so much.  Before I go on, I feel like I have to say that anything I share in one of my little stories, is based 100% on stuff I have been through, going through or observed.  I am not ever saying that it’s true for or about every single human being ever created.  I feel like I have to say that every time I write something nowadays.  So, now that I got that out of the way, isn’t this verse amazing?!

First part says that WHATEVER God says to us is full of LIVING POWER.  I thought about how many things people say to me or I say to people, that have NO power.  Zip. Nada. Zilch – yet, are regarded as though it were the gospel truth.  It just really gave me pause. 

When I think of living power, I think of power for my life right now.  Real time power. Power in my daily routine.  Power to be a blessing.  Power to make wise decisions and choices. That’s why it’s so moving to me.

‘It is sharper than the sharpest dagger’ – so it can discern between pure and impure.  The bible says that the heart is wicked… who can know it?  So, if I don’t even know my own heart, how I can I discern it’s veracity?  That’s where trust in the Lord comes in.  During my daily ‘get right’ sessions with God, I ask stuff like, ‘Why did I say that?’ Why does that annoy me? Have I grieved you today? Was that true, Lord?

It’s not easy to hear truth about yourself.  It’s not easy to hold up that mirror (God’s word) and see that I come up short.  Oh, but the older I get the more I realize that I would prefer to look into that ‘MIRROR’ that loves me unconditionally and that can change me, than any other mirror I create for myself where nothing is ever wrong with me.  That mirror where I am never the problem – it’s always someone else. Nah, I don’t want that.

That’s why I love God’s word.  It is the essence of truth.  If we reject it, our controversy is with the Lord Himself and not others. How about you? Who are you trusting to tell you the truth?  Whose mirror are you looking into? 

Let’s talk again tomorrow – SDQ. (Si Dios Quiere) 

As my friend Joanne does, I, also, leave you with one of my favorite verses.

Numbers 6:24-26

24‘May the LORD bless you and keep you; 25may the LORD cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; 26may the LORD lift up His countenance toward you and give you peace.’…


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