Gracias, Mi Dios!

Today, I went out to run some errands. I was really deep in thought. I have some huge concerns on my mind. I go over them in my mind over and over. I think of ways these matters can be resolved. I pray for God’s intervention. I go back to figuring out what I can do to help in these situations. This has been the norm for me lately. 

 But, today those musings were interrupted. I sat in a cab and gazed out the window and saw this really long line forming the length of an avenue. As we inched our way forward in traffic toward the light, I saw that the people were of all ages. I also saw that they had shopping carts. The closer I got to the front of the line, the more visible the sign on the building they were entering became. It was the YMCA. 

These precious people of all races, creeds and ages coming out of the building were carrying huge bags of turkeys and canned goods.

My tears streamed down my face as I compared what I was going through to what these folks could be experiencing. 

I thought, here I sit in a cab with 3 bags of groceries that I paid for. I thought, I will be going into a warm apartment to continue working from home as I do on Tuesdays. I thought, soon I will be reunited with my daughter and son-in-law and given the opportunity to love on them. I thought, I have a family that loves me. I thought, I have a church family that cares for me. I thought I have a God who watches over me AND them who are on that line. 

 All of a sudden I was so filled with gratitude. Not gratitude because I was not on the line. Gratitude because I saw how God provides for us all. His word says that He counts every hair on our heads. He has numbered them. He has tattooed us on the palm of His hand. He will neither slumber nor sleep where we are concerned. He loves us with an everlasting love. He wants us to sup with Him – to have fellowship with Him. 

What more could I ask for from the One who gave me life?

I am so encouraged that God is on His throne. I am encouraged that I can take those weights in my heart and give them to him for a lighter burden. He is that loving toward me. I can place all my worries in His hands and He will help US  that are in need of His divine intervention! 

I have been telling my friends that I have been ‘doing a David’ lately. This means that I have been encouraging myself in the Lord’s word! He is going to do more than I could ever ask or imagine. The enemy will tell me that He won’t step in. That we don’t mean enough to God. That we have exhausted our ‘chances’ for His mercy and Gracie. But His word tells me differently and on that ‘ROCK’ will I stand. And in that Report will I believe!!!


One Reply to “Gracias, Mi Dios!”

  1. Amen & Amen! His track record is impeccable. That gives me great hope & reassurance that even as He’s come through before, he’ll come through again & again. That’s the awesome, mighty,wonderful. amazing, & loving God that we serve. Happy Thanksgiving.

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