This has been a really sad few weeks for me. My dear friend is dying of cancer. It breaks my heart. I can hardly believe it, still.  I’ve known her for over 2 decades. 

I did not even know she was sick. I keep wondering how I missed it. Why didn’t I know about it? Could I have helped her if I had known! Why didn’t I override her wishes to be alone?   

My heart aches as I wonder if she was afraid as her body rebelled against her. My tears flow freely as I wonder if she cried alone?  Did she want us around but too weak to ask?  

I’m so conflicted inside. I have so many emotions. I don’t know how to feel. I’m so glad God knows the things that trouble me. He loves my friend. He knows her beginning and her end. 

He hears our prayers.   Thy will be done, my Lord! 


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