This, Too, is His Provision

I think everyone needs a Slump Snatcher, a Crash Catcher, a Drift Dissolver, if you will.  It’s that person, or people that God sends into  your life who serve as beacons of hope for another day. It’s those people in our lives, who by their very presence, make you feel that you can go another moment, another day.  That person who makes you want to stand up and go at life again because God is on your side.  That person whose vibrant walk is infectious – in a good way!  That person who shares their shortcomings and their victories in honesty and make you want to do likewise.  Those people who make us want to walk a little straighter.  Those people whose walk make us want to examine our own. That person whose life speaks of the tenacity we need in Christ.

I am blessed to have just a handful of people God uses in my life when He sees that I am heading for a slump; when I am about to crash under the weight of every day cares; when the drift begins to pull. I’m so grateful for those people who God has put in strategic places in my sphere of influence who by a word, or an expression manage to shake me awake and put me back on track.

I’m so thankful to God for knowing what I need, and to them for allowing God to live through them. Not only do we need these folks around, but we also need to be these kind of people for others.


Have a great day!  May God richly bless you and those whose lives you touch!

Rita Perez



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