God Has a Way…

Sometimes, I shake my head at how folks can be; How fleeting common sense has become.  How some things are done without any thought about the feelings of others.

This I know, that inconsiderate ways abruptly come to an end when you are on the receiving end of someone’s lack of common sense.  All of sudden, you begin to put more thought into the things you say after you’ve been the victim of those drive by comments.

You begin to scrutinize your own words and motives before speaking.  You begin to realize that your words can be a negative trigger to someone else and you don’t dare use them for fear of that possibility.

The initial sting of an inconsiderate statement makes you want to retaliate in kind.  But, then that part of you that is fully #TeamJesus yields to The Holy Spirit and He  reminds you that to respond in like manner makes you no better – in fact, even more immature than the offender.

I’m learning that when someone wants to mess with you in that way, God has a way of stepping in, speaking for you – thus allowing you to keep your own integrity intact.

God has a way…


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