Thank You for the Inconvenience

It was 12:58PM on a frigid February afternoon. I had just boarded a crowded Mega Bus on my way to visit my daughter way upstate. The ride would be a little over 4 hours long. The bus was packed. I had the good fortune of not having anyone sitting next to me. I was so... Continue Reading →


Thoughts from the Road – Uno

There is something about my thought process while on the road that is completely different than when I am home. I am in sunny California on business and for some reason I am thinking about my long range goals. It's a good thing. My thoughts are coming in pretty clear and I am able to... Continue Reading →

On the A

JLo rode the 6, I ride the A. Lol. Today, as we pulled out of 59th street, I began reviewing my station in life. Looking back at all the plans I had, once upon a time. I was thinking about all the ways I was going to accomplish my goals and all the steps I... Continue Reading →

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