This has been a really sad few weeks for me. My dear friend is dying of cancer. It breaks my heart. I can hardly believe it, still.  I've known her for over 2 decades. I did not even know she was sick. I keep wondering how I missed it. Why didn't I know about it? Could... Continue Reading →

Gracias, Mi Dios!

Today, I went out to run some errands. I was really deep in thought. I have some huge concerns on my mind. I go over them in my mind over and over. I think of ways these matters can be resolved. I pray for God’s intervention. I go back to figuring out what I can... Continue Reading →

What’s the Problem?

There is a difference between being a people pleaser and being obedient to those who are over us. I would like to think that in my obedience to the Lord, I please His people. It disturbs me when folks feel the need to constantly challenge authority. Many times it is nothing less than a problem... Continue Reading →

Talking to Myself…

I am so glad tonight is our weekly prayer meeting at my church.  I have some things going on in my life that concern me.  Every Wednesday evening our church comes together and prays for requests that people have taken the time to write down.  We take these requests very seriously.  We are privileged to intercede on their... Continue Reading →

The Extra Mile

Sometimes, folks just need to know that they are loved, needed, or wanted.  Many times a sour attitude is nothing more than insecurity. The challenge is to invest the time in the individual to help them out of their shell.  Oh, that I would be willing to go that extra mile.


Did you know that it takes more strength to be quiet than it does to speak your mind?  Since I was a young girl, I spoke my mind.  I don't remember holding back.  I did not have a filter in those days. Lately, I have been noticing that I can be quite reactive.  Oooh, that is... Continue Reading →

Keeping it Real or Rude?

Have you ever heard 'I'm just keeping it real'?  I have heard it, and I have said it.  But there are times when I have witnessed 'keeping it rude'.  Do you know what I mean? Keeping it rude is when you say something harsh to someone, and as an aside you utter that phrase.  This is... Continue Reading →

Freedom = Responsibility

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my thoughts on my own personal freedom. I am so grateful for God's word that reminds me daily that He has set me free. Free from things that hindered my progress like a negative self image. John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be... Continue Reading →

After All…

I love the lyrics from the song by Larnelle Harris. It totally describes what I am feeling. I have a few matters that are weighing very heavy on my heart right now. There are days when I feel like I cannot make sense of all of it.  I love being reminded today that God is always... Continue Reading →

Thank You for the Inconvenience

It was 12:58PM on a frigid February afternoon. I had just boarded a crowded Mega Bus on my way to visit my daughter way upstate. The ride would be a little over 4 hours long. The bus was packed. I had the good fortune of not having anyone sitting next to me. I was so... Continue Reading →

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